Message from my Gran

I am not sure if she made this up or not- but I love it.

"You can't find peace by avoiding life"

Words to live by

Friday, January 23, 2009

5 days in- thoughts

OK- five days into it. While I have been humbled by the workouts- I am pretty darn proud of myself. I got up at 5:00 AM every day and got my butt into the gym- I stuck to the nutritional plan- I meditated- did my yoga on Wednesday-and have stuck with my smoking reduction plan, which I was most anxious about. Going from a pack a day to less than 6 per day- none until after work and none in the car- has worked for me. I will reduce the number as time goes on with a goal of being 'cig free' by the end of the 90 days.

So...sounds like an easy week huh? Well- here are some realities:

1. The food thing was pretty easy- but no one told me that all this healthy food would make me fart like a professional. And who knew that I could almost propel myself down a hallway with the force. If only I could schedule them on demand- maybe I could do 25 squat jumps without collapsing for air after the 20th jump if I could time them as I was trying to jump- trying being the operative word.

2. I just about fell off the back of the StairMaster on Wednesday- if an "8" is suppose to be sustainable for a couple of minutes- how does one keep at it for 25 minutes- thank God for the high energy dance tune on my i-pod- I had to listen to Cher tune three times in row just to keep my feet moving on the machine.

3. On Monday- during my 9th interval, my foot flew up off the pedal of the elliptical machine- smashing my knee into the machine. The sweet little lady next to me was worried that I would flip right over the top of it.

4. Doing Heisman hops at the gym- next to the muscle guys benching 250 pounds- and not feeling a sense of embarrassment is really quite empowering.

I am very lucky to be going through this with Patti and Linda at work. It really makes the nutrition part much easier. It also takes cheating out of the equation 'cause they would ride my butt hard. Seriously, I haven't been as good about following the forum and blogs because I have them to listen to my thoughts and laugh about our experiences. They are the best!

The other thing about the food is that it is so filling- and I already feel 'cleaner and healthier"- anyone else feel that way? It is also shocking how much food I can eat now that I got rid of the crap in my diet and still not go over my target calorie count. It was a little hard to walk by the Chic filet buffet that we served to a group of visitors at work- but I checked their web site- three measly chicken strips are 1095 calories- not worth it at all!

And... I would be remiss not to thank Chris- so quick to answer questions-offer support- and to have him check in on my smoking plan was so sweet. CR- you are the best!

Well- off to go see Rob J in "To Kill a Mockingbird" at IRT tonight- then up to go to Chris's Power Yoga in the morning! Hopefully, I will see many of you at the class or at the meeting in the morning.


  1. Hey Paul!

    Awesome post! The technique to being able to fart, on demand, in time with your jump squats is a secret teaching that cannot be revealed until Month 3. LOL.

    In all seriousness, the gas is often part of the process of cleansing and getting toxins out and the shift/growth of healthy bacteria within the colon. It should "pass" before long (pun intended).

    Great to hear that you are rockin' the Project workouts and diet. Proud of you. And thanks for the laugh I had from reading your post and your thoughtful words.


  2. PAUL!!!!

    I AM SO HAPPY you have introduced the topic of gas! Yes, yes and yes, I'm with you on that -- and also on the feeling full thing. Despite cutting my calories in half (at least) I never find myself truly ravenous or overly full now. As for smoking, I admire you for the reduction that you've already accomplished...great stuff.

  3. Hey Paul - me again.... I just saw your granny's quote, almost missed it. Think about moving that up on your blog page so it's more prominent 'cause I think she's a wise woman we can learn from.

  4. Paul,
    Awesome! Way to go with everything, especially the farting! :)

  5. Hey, Paul. Way to go, especially on the cigs. Bravo.

    Thanks too, for putting the fear of God in me. Considering all the miasmic effluence of this group, let's hope no one strikes a spark during yoga tomorrow! Thankfully, as far as I know, there's no such thing as terminal flatulence. --R

  6. Paul, I loved the honesty in the fart sentence. I have started singing at the top of my lungs just in case. People look at me like I am a weirdo, but they aren't far off!
    As for the reduction on smoking, I KNOW how hard that is having gone through it. It will be one of your most important decisions and a hard one to do. I admire you even more. If you need to talk if out, I'm your lady.