Message from my Gran

I am not sure if she made this up or not- but I love it.

"You can't find peace by avoiding life"

Words to live by

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheating...or just living?

I loved the message that Chris sent on Monday. It helped me to tease apart "a good reason" from "a bad excuse". On Sunday, after a very healthy meal at a friends- we turned on the Oscars- she pulled out some girl scout cookies. I would never had had one for fear of 'falling off the wagon'- but I decided that being a real person means having a real treat sometimes- home...I could have found a healthier treat- but I wasn't home. And guess what- I lived to tell about it- I only had a few (4 thin mints)- and she was impressed that I wasn't being insane about this plan. She said- wow- you intend to do this forever don't you- it occurred to me that I really am changing my mindset from a 12 week plan- to a rest of my life plan- which will include 'off the plan treats' once in a while. I hope that this helped the rest of you in your journey!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Running-attachments- etc


After the run at the fitness test and the next five days of shin splints, I was dubious about running. I'd been doing my cardio on the stair master and elliptical without any problems. partner told me that he would start running again if I would agree to join him. That was more good motivation to give it a try. After listening to a number of you (or reading your comments), I went to the Running Company (had a great experience) and left with some new shoes. My salesman laughed out loud when I told him that I had no idea how old my shoes were; but that I remember buying them at Spiece on Keystone. He told me that they were at least 5 years old. No wonder I had shin splints.

I love my new shoes. It took me until Friday to get on the treadmill, but they really did make a difference on the StairMaster. I wanted my first run to be on a Friday as it is the 'lowest push' day. I ran for 45 minutes-4.5 miles- and no shin splints at all. I was plenty tired and a bit sore on Saturday- but the run was really fun. I wasn't quite ready to brave the snow outside this past week. That will come.


I am still a bit attached to my heart monitor and scale. It is just the scientist in me- I am slowly trying to wean myself off of the heart monitor- but I'm still way more comfortable with a measurable unit to track the food intake. I haven't taken my food scale to a restaurant yet, but that isn't completely out of the question when I venture out to eat with non-Project members. I am getting less and less focussed on the heart monitor and more in touch with how I feel. I also track it with my silent lip-scincing ability to my I-Pod. My version of Chris's 'difficult to have a conversation' analogy. I may look ridiculous- but it works for me.


Sleep seems to be my biggest enemy so far. It is just hard to go to sleep at 9:00. Hopefully, another good thing about running will be that, once the days extend, I'll be able to sleep in a bit and still get in a good run. One of the motivators to get to the gym right at 5:00 was to get on one of my favorite two elliptical machines- but they got rid of them this week- and there is never a line for the StairMaster. So...I may try sleeping in a bit - an extra 15 minutes may feel like an hour.


So far, the most surprising thing that has occured over the past few weeks is that I feel alot calmer about just about everything. I'm a type a person, which like everything else, has pros and cons. Now I'm not sure if I am just exhausted, but I get worked up much less often than usual. Focussing on what I'm eating and my workouts are a big help- but this is working!


My goal this week is start cooking- rather than preparing single units of food. I copied all of the recipes from blogs and Chris as a start. I love to cook- but am Norwegian- so most of what I cook is very buttery and full of fat. This will be a fun challenge.

Thanks to everyone for being so supportive!