Message from my Gran

I am not sure if she made this up or not- but I love it.

"You can't find peace by avoiding life"

Words to live by

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Cheating...or just living?

I loved the message that Chris sent on Monday. It helped me to tease apart "a good reason" from "a bad excuse". On Sunday, after a very healthy meal at a friends- we turned on the Oscars- she pulled out some girl scout cookies. I would never had had one for fear of 'falling off the wagon'- but I decided that being a real person means having a real treat sometimes- home...I could have found a healthier treat- but I wasn't home. And guess what- I lived to tell about it- I only had a few (4 thin mints)- and she was impressed that I wasn't being insane about this plan. She said- wow- you intend to do this forever don't you- it occurred to me that I really am changing my mindset from a 12 week plan- to a rest of my life plan- which will include 'off the plan treats' once in a while. I hope that this helped the rest of you in your journey!


  1. Awesome, Paul. Thanks for posting this : )

  2. Yep......treats are a must. A must. They mix in just fine with all the workouts and healthy eating.

  3. Paul,

    Really am so glad you posted this....seriously, I have been talking back and forth with myself for the past 2 hours about watching a movie tonight with my husband tonight and IF I should have plain popcorn, popcorn with salt, popcorn with butter, or popcorn with salt and butter? I am within calories today and I just might have popcorn with a little butter, no salt !!!

  4. Paul, I am so glad that you posted this. Knowing that this is a forever thing shows so much growth. The way you've been working out, those calories were burned before you were done with the cookies!